Ferronix, Inc. is one of the leading suppliers of FerroAlloys in USA and Canada. The company's yearly sales of different FerroAlloys are over 120,000 metric tons. Company sells wide variety of FerroAlloys ranging from different grades of low, medium, and high Carbon FerroChromium, to FerroSilicon, SiliconManganese, SiliconChromium, FerroMolybdenum, and etc.


Ferronix, Inc. was incorporated in Mishawaka, IN in February, 2001. During the first year of creation, company’s sales were just over 12,000 mt. However, throughout the years, due to the company’s adept team and their quick response to changing economic conditions, periodic restructuring, and new market opportunities, it became one of the leading FerroAlloys suppliers in USA.